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The new Glamour is more glamorous than before and very much fuel efficient. | Price, Feature, Mileage, Power | HighRPM

 The new commuter bike came to the market from Hero's factory with some new features and with some you makeup and style. Talking about the new Hero Glamour Xtec, we all know that these bike are highly practical and encounter less robberies to your pocket because of their mind blowing mileage and less maintenance attitude.  The Glamour is not a new player in the game but this new one get some cool and modern tech things that make this bike more attractive and smart for this smart nation.  The new Glamour comes with 125cc engine which delivers you not the jaw dropping ride but take you to your destination seamlessly. There are some cosmetic updates that are adding freshness to its appearance. The bike is available in two variants, where, there is difference of braking system nothing else, one comes with drum brake system and the other one, the top one comes with disc. Hero put the price  of the new Glamour Xtec in a pocket friendly zone where the starting price is 84,814 and the top
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8.06 lakh is the top model price and new Citroen C3 have nothing! | Price, Feature, Mileage, Power | HighRPM

 The French brand, Citroen, in India has taken out their new SUV, the Citroen C5. This compact SUV is full of style and funkiness the car comes with attracting styling and youthful appearance that is working as a magnet and pulling youth toward itself.  The car came and landed in the budget segment with minimal features and with only essential stuffs, but to overcome this basic thing about the vehicle, the brand has launched this car with bunch of customization & accessories options. The car is only available is petrol engine with only manual transmission, sorry automatic lovers, but they haven't eaten up the fun factor that's why they have petrol turbo option that is for those people who used to seek fun while diving the car. So, the C3 is present in the market with two engines, where the turbo variant is for car enthusiasts. The 1198 cc petrol turbo engine gives you amazing zesty drive that you were looking for. It's a 3 cylinder heart that churns out good figures of

BMW has launched the all new G 310RR which is TVS Apache RR310 in every sense other than price | Price, Features, Power, Mileage | HighRPM

BMW G 310R the bike which don't need any kinda intro, this motorcycle of BMW is the most affordable two wheeler which got style, comfort, BMW attitude and BMW legacy. But it's a naked street fighter which has been build in partnership with India's one of the renowned two wheeler brand TVS.  But not all the hearts out there are street fighter lover that's why the brand has something for those sports loving heart, their all new sports entry level bike, the BMW G 310RR . This new BMW G 310RR is a dashing machine  with more anger, with more zest and with more passion on face than G310 R. The fit-finish and the appeal of this motorcycle is not less than any big bike. The bike comes with the same engine that we have seen in the G310 R and TVS Apache RR310. The new BMW G310 RR is similar to its friend Apache RR310 but in terms of price BMW pulled their hand away and used their name and priced this machine 2.85 lakh and the Style Sport version cost 2.99 lakh ex-showroom.  B

TVS Ronin has been launched with 226cc engine and..... |Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 TVS has launched the all new Ronin , new cruiser in the market that got looks stylish and have an amazing attitude at the same time. The Ronin looks absolutely phenomenal and got presence too, that cruiser stance and attractive curves and lines are creating an amazing story.  The Ronin is full of eye and heart soothing things that keeps that fun and enthusiastic momentum on no matter what.  Motorcycle got 226cc single cylinder heart that works with zest and make things more adventurous.  The Ronin is launched in both single channel and dual channel ABS version thus its price starts at 1.49 lakh and goes up to 1.71 lakh . The bike is present in different colours combos as well.  TVS Ronin Single Tone single channel ABS.....1.49 lakh  Dual Tone single channel ABS.....1.56 lakh  Triple Tone dual channel ABS.....1.68 lakh  Triple Tone dual channel Dawn orange.....1.71 lakh  This motorcycle is extracting power from 226cc single cylinder oil cooled fuel inject engine with 66mm of bore &a

The new Maruti Suzuki Brezza get sunroof, 360 view and new look, worth it to buy? | Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 The story of Brezza was started back in 2016 and Brezza literally rocked the market because of its attractive SUV appearance and low maintenance cost. From 2016, brand came up with some minor changes not the major one but now Suzuki gave Brezza a full new makeover because of this new style the freshness and the heat in the market get bit intense.  With this upgrade, Maruti has stepped in the sunroof features, now we can expect sunroof in Maruti future lunches.  New design, new interior, new features and new vibes are just amazing and making Brezza a hot cake in the segment right now.  The car is available only in petrol engine, diesel lovers have to disappoint a bit but both manual and automatic transmission is available.  The price of new Brezza starts at 7.99 lakh and ends at 13.96 lakh ex-showroom. The car is only available in petrol engine and brand haven't showed any indication that they'll also introduce diesel. Manual and automatic both types of transmission are avai

The new Scorpio N comes with sunroof, new look, new interior and new price tag 11.99 lakh...... | Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 Mahindra rolled out the daddy to the market which is super handsome, got style, got personality and got new swag with new aura. Talking about the new, the dashing, 2022  Mahindra Scorpio N. This new Scorpio is looking completely different, giving fresh vibes which are penetrating the heart directly.  With lots of changes inside-out the N is raising the temperature in the segment dude, no doubt. The look of the SUV is merging so nicely with its personality that it is hard to express that in words.  That Scorpio's boldness is there, that fearless behaviour has been improved massively and that charm of Scorpio is there as well.  Its just not about exterior, the interior of the car got complete makeover thus the car is full of luxury and full of amenities.  It is available in both diesel and petrol engines with manual and automatic transmission and it is also available in 2WD & 4WD.  So, the Scorpio N launched with the starting price of 11.99 lakh and goes up to 19.49 lakh , the

Ninja 400 has been launched at 4.99 lakh, pretty expensive! | Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 Once again Kawasaki launched the new version of their small Ninja, the Ninja 400 with some new stuffs that are giving fresh vibes to the bike. This version of Ninja 400 is looking absolutely dope, alike Ninja 650 it got lots of features of big siblings thus it attract eyes like hell.  The sharpness and the eagerness to have chat with wind is simply visible on its face. Kawasaki's graphic work is literally standing out like always.  399cc engine is ready to command your adrenal gland to release adrenaline whenever your right wrist show some twists. 4.99 lakh in the ex showroom price of the new Kawasaki Ninja 400, launched in single variant with two colour options.  Kawasaki Ninja 400.....4.99 lakh  This Ninja is powered by liquid cooled 399cc parallel twin engine with 70mm of bore and 51.8mm of stroke where compression ratio is 11.5:1, DOHC 4 valves, fuel injection 6 speed transmission and BS6 emission compliant.  In terms of power & torque this engine churns out 44.7bhp at