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This monster was the second most sold vehicle in the US in 2022 | Chevrolet Silverado | HighRPM

Chevy Silverado  If we call it a monster, I don't think that we are doing any kinda mistake, its huge muscular personality force people to call it a monster. Silverado has all those things you expect from this kind of beast, it got a mind-numbing road presence, a powerful heart that can take you anywhere you want, throw whatever you wanna throw at it it is going to take that with a peerless attitude, and it not just limited to performance, looks it also comes out nicely with practicality, amenities & comfort too.    Before going ahead, lemme tell you that this is the vehicle that was the second most selling vehicle in the USA in 2022, about 5,13,354 (513,354) units of Silverado were sold in 2022 in the US. Source- Car and Driver The Chevrolet Silverado is a well-known and popular pickup truck produced by the American car manufacturer Chevrolet. The Silverado has been around since 1999, and throughout the years, it has established itself as one of the most reliable and dependabl

2022 union budget is out with lots of points and one is related to EV battery swapping | HighRPM

 Budget 2022 is out now, in which our Finance minister covered many sectors like, agriculture, defence, finance, infrastructure, gaming, and other. It's fabulous to hear that our finance minister was talking about cryptos, gaming, graphics and all, this shows that leaders are now over coming that old school thinking and shaking hand with world, this thing will take India to new heights.  So, I'm not going to discuss about the budget and its points, we are going to focus on automobile sector's point. Therefore, finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman also pointed out the automobile sector in which she said that the government will work on battery swapping culture in the nation to intensify the EV wave across the nation.  Battery swapping station What is battery swapping? Battery swapping is an amazing initiative to ignore that waiting period at the charging station. You can change your discharged battery with fully charged battery at the station. Thus, you save time as well as yo