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Orange beast is now more agile than before, KTM 390 Duke | Price, Mileage, Features, Power | HighRPM

Duke 390 The 3rd generation of the KTM 390 Duke is literally shaking the market with its sharp design which is now more edgy than before, making this bike more attractive and mean-looking at the same time. Regarding performance, the KTM 390 Duke always shocked the ride with its flying ability and instant power delivery. This 2024 KTM 390 Duke has reduced some orange and weight too, thanks to that, along with the sporty design it is looking pretty elegant as well. More Sharp edges have been introduced this time and they are doing their job to give it a monster kinda feel.  Being a naked street fighter it's very agile like before and even more so thanks to the reduced wheelbase which added more maneuverability to this aggressive bike.  KTM 390 Duke Price The KTM 390 Duke is available only in a single variant, costing you around 3.10 lakh ex-showroom. There are two colour schemes that you can opt for Atlantic Blue and the other one is Electronic Orange. the Electronic Orange fuel tan

5 interesting car launches that are going to roll out in 2023. | HighRPM

Finally 2023 is here, with new hopes and new resolutions which are meant to be follow for only 2-3 days. Automobile enthusiasts are waiting for all those interesting vehicles are behind the curtains of 2023. 2023 is going to witness some interesting launches which are going to rock the Indian roads.  2022 gave as experience of many amazing cars, from Cherokee to Hilux, from Mercedes-Benz Maybach S Class to BMW M340i, from BYD Atto 3 to EQS, from Citroen C3 to new Baleno, and many more. Lots of EV also joined the Indian roads although that's other thing that, the charging stations are not in focus, brand are building vehicles but not the charging stations.  The year 2022 was a zesty year for car lovers and I believe 23 is also going to be the same because some cool stuffs are waiting for us. So, in this blog post we are going to explore 5 most interesting car which are eager to join the Indian market in 2023.  First car for which my excitement is in its peak is BMW i7. Although this

Now, carmakers have to give 6 airbags in cars said Nitin Gadkari | HighRPM

 India is famous for culture, history, places, foods many things but it is also famous for road accidents, according to there were 1.51 lakh people left this world because of road accidents in 2019. There are many factors which make India this unsafe on road, the factors are,  worst road conditions  no proper driving test for driving licence  immature people (helmet & seat belt avoiders, drinkers, phone obsessed) and  chacha vidhayak hai humare (my uncle is MLA) Four wheelers are still safer than two wheelers but two wheeler riders can safe themselves by wearing helmet which literally reduce risk of death but people are crazy they wear helmet in front of police.  Cars are safer but still the no. of deaths are not stopping even not decreasing.  Thus to put a little raestriction on this, on Jan 14, 2022 the Minister of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH), Mr. Nitin Jairam Gadkari amended a new law under CMVR (Central Motor Vehicles Rules) 1989, by this new rule automaker

How will be the Indian automobile market in 2022? HighRPM

 2022 has just began with so much hope and whole world is praying for Covid to vanish. The new year have lots of surprises where more startups will born, more people might join share market, some will join college, some will leave their school, some will tie a knot of marriage, many will take their first breath and many.... many.... more. Business sector will launch new things, and most hot and exciting sector automobile, will also give some new gems to the nation or might take some back to pavilion. Therefore, all the automobile enthusiast are willing to know that, how will be the Indian  automobile market in 2022?  Its going to be super intersting to see how automakers will attract new customers and how they hold their existing customers for long?  Things are going to be bit more electric because already there are lots of electric vehicles in the market and more brands are involving in this business and not only automakers are working on EVs other brands which are directly or indire