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Orange beast is now more agile than before, KTM 390 Duke | Price, Mileage, Features, Power | HighRPM

Duke 390 The 3rd generation of the KTM 390 Duke is literally shaking the market with its sharp design which is now more edgy than before, making this bike more attractive and mean-looking at the same time. Regarding performance, the KTM 390 Duke always shocked the ride with its flying ability and instant power delivery. This 2024 KTM 390 Duke has reduced some orange and weight too, thanks to that, along with the sporty design it is looking pretty elegant as well. More Sharp edges have been introduced this time and they are doing their job to give it a monster kinda feel.  Being a naked street fighter it's very agile like before and even more so thanks to the reduced wheelbase which added more maneuverability to this aggressive bike.  KTM 390 Duke Price The KTM 390 Duke is available only in a single variant, costing you around 3.10 lakh ex-showroom. There are two colour schemes that you can opt for Atlantic Blue and the other one is Electronic Orange. the Electronic Orange fuel tan

Urus Performante is all about performance, now in India | HighRPM

Passionately showing aggression, aggressively moving ahead, ahead of competition, competition is in the mirror, mirror reflecting a bull, bull is one of the epitome of power and power is synonym of Lamborghini .  Lamborghini Urus the car which is rarely on Indian roads but whenever its single roar create the headlines. The Lamborghini launched the Performante version in India to spice up the headlines. Urus is not a normal car it has some mind numbing things that are working so finely thus it is one of those cars which is on everyone's dream list.  Sportiness is the main character but other than that this car is full of wow factors like its hypnotizing look and sensational interior with all the amenities one expect from a this expensive car. Being a sport SUV it has to play two roles one the SUV and the other is sport car and seriously this car is fab in both the roles.  Thanks to air suspensions you can play with the ground clearance and the Lambo which demands smooth road this on

Lamborghini broke the bar and sold biggest number of Lambo in 2021! | HighRPM

 Everyone's love, epitome of performance, sexy from every angle, moves like an arrow, aggressive by nature, the Italian charmer Lamborghini who won 2021, you can say 2021 was Lambo's year this is because, this Italian broke its own record and sold biggest number of units in 2021. In 2021 they got lots of new buyers across the globe and this is the first time they have sold this much units in a year.  This phenomenal car has an incredible presence in the market where only its name is more than enough to introduce itself, performance, looks, price come after that.  Lambo is a piece of art where every single part is fixed with love and with excellent sense of engineering thus it is a hero on tracks as well as on streets, after Urus hero at off-road too. The level of its popularity is somewhere where others hardly reach.  What are the sales figures? So, Lamborghini shared that they delivered freaking 8,405 unit across the planet.  The manufacturer did most of the business in USA w

The car with astounding looks and brutal power, everyone's dream the Lamborghini Huracán STO | Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 Who said Lamborghini is a carmaker? They are dream maker, who manufacture dreams along with sporty lullaby. There are many children who don't know anything about this world, still confuse between small "b" & "d", still saying long arm is at 10 and small one is at 30 they are in love with Lambo, this kind of fan base only Lambo have. Lamborghini have lots of artistic figures for representing bull's power, one such art is Lamborghini Huracán STO (Super Trofeo Omologata), the bull with overwhelming sublime design, with extraordinary heart which beats to fly the STO and with brilliant plus intelligent aerodynamic design which cuts the air like butter. The style, the attitude, the anger it have is just unreal. The best thing about Lambos is that they have magnificent look meanwhile their engine believe in no mercy rule. The interior is extremely premium and lavish, the sporty air in the cabin encourage you to push the car to its height. The car is literally