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New Ducati Scrambler 800 Urban Motorrad cost 12 lakh but | Price, Performance, Mileage, Power | HighRPM

  Ducati Scrambler 800 Urban Motorrad.... Bikes are one of the best mode to explore the streets, you get the real essence of that particular place, and for this we have some awesome machines out there however Ducati added one more option to this adventure, the all new Ducati Scrambler 800 Urban Motorrad . Agility you need on streets and the agility a Scrambler have is like a couple with same level of craziness. Scrambler is that kind of motorcycle which is meant for off road as well as streets and I think this is the best thing about Scrambler, their versatility is the key point I believe. Coming back to the Ducati this Scrambler got what you want from this pricey dude, it is clearly ready for completing all the expectations you have and it is eager to explore.   Tell me about Ducati Scrambler 800 Urban Motorrad price.... Its a Ducati man it have to a pocket murderer and it is, okay, so this one is available only in single variant which is having a price tag that screams 11.99 lakh ex

Harley launched the Sportster S with price range of 15.51 lakh | Price, Power Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 The epitome of cruiser motorcycle is Harley, the brand which gave some unreal gems to this world and still mine work is going on and they have just taken out their new precious thing, the all new Harley Davidson Sportster S the bike which have everything thing you think a bike could have.  How stupendous this bike is, is really hard to express in words because it looks like a monster who has eaten a power generator along with some kinda tech bar. This Sportster is giving a bad boy vibes due to that fully exposed metal heart which is looking like a masterpiece of a professional artist.  It is powered by 1252cc V-Twin engine which has too much potential to gain some great speed like nothing.  Price of this marvelous creative is 15.51 lakh ex-showroom with three paint options.  Harley Davidson Sportster S.....15.51 lakh  It comes with 1250cc Revolution Max V-Twin liquid cooled belt drive engine with 105mm of  and 72.3mm of bore and compression ratio is 12:1. Thus, this generates aroun

Harley showed their upcoming bike the Sportster which will get Revolution Max 1250T engine....... | HighRPM

 "The beauty of design is a secret of the powerful soul", this line is perfect for the upcoming Harley they have unveiled recently. Wrap is not on right now and the machine they showed is ridiculously gorgeous have that bad boy essence and that gentleman aura too, Harley named it, the Sportster S.  With its exquisitely awesome looks it is able to pull your heart to itself in no time. Pictures are telling that this is for tough and bold personalities.  This extremely beautiful bike get 1250cc Revolution Max Engine or your can say Revolution Max 1250T, which is pretty familiar to us, how? Because the recently launched Harley Davidson Pan America also have this engine 1250cc engine, this bike is the second house of this engine first one is definitely Pan America . This engine is insanely capable to shake your heart, at 6000rpm this one generates 125Nm of torque. Bore of 105mm, stroke of 72.3mm and compression ratio of 12:1. Sportster S is full of hi-tech modern features which m