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Orange beast is now more agile than before, KTM 390 Duke | Price, Mileage, Features, Power | HighRPM

Duke 390 The 3rd generation of the KTM 390 Duke is literally shaking the market with its sharp design which is now more edgy than before, making this bike more attractive and mean-looking at the same time. Regarding performance, the KTM 390 Duke always shocked the ride with its flying ability and instant power delivery. This 2024 KTM 390 Duke has reduced some orange and weight too, thanks to that, along with the sporty design it is looking pretty elegant as well. More Sharp edges have been introduced this time and they are doing their job to give it a monster kinda feel.  Being a naked street fighter it's very agile like before and even more so thanks to the reduced wheelbase which added more maneuverability to this aggressive bike.  KTM 390 Duke Price The KTM 390 Duke is available only in a single variant, costing you around 3.10 lakh ex-showroom. There are two colour schemes that you can opt for Atlantic Blue and the other one is Electronic Orange. the Electronic Orange fuel tan

8.06 lakh is the top model price and new Citroen C3 have nothing! | Price, Feature, Mileage, Power | HighRPM

 The French brand, Citroen, in India has taken out their new SUV, the Citroen C5. This compact SUV is full of style and funkiness the car comes with attracting styling and youthful appearance that is working as a magnet and pulling youth toward itself.  The car came and landed in the budget segment with minimal features and with only essential stuffs, but to overcome this basic thing about the vehicle, the brand has launched this car with bunch of customization & accessories options. The car is only available is petrol engine with only manual transmission, sorry automatic lovers, but they haven't eaten up the fun factor that's why they have petrol turbo option that is for those people who used to seek fun while diving the car. So, the C3 is present in the market with two engines, where the turbo variant is for car enthusiasts. The 1198 cc petrol turbo engine gives you amazing zesty drive that you were looking for. It's a 3 cylinder heart that churns out good figures of

Citroën C5 Aircross has been launched with comfort, power and performance | Engine, Power, Price, Features | HighRPM

French automaker Citroën now completely in India with their beautiful looking SUV, the Citroën C5 Aircross. The car is extremely stunning in terms of looks and in terms of comfort & amenities. Sporty spices are there for sure because sporty aroma and taste which are hitting you sharply. Car comes with some new elements as well which makes it pretty different from other SUVs in this segment. The cabin is great with luxurious things embedded to enhance the experience in C5 Aircross. The Citroën C5 Aircross launched with price tag of 29.90 lakh and this price tag says 31.90 lakh for the top end of C5.  C5 Aircross comes in two variants, petrol engine is not there but probably in future no clue. Citroën C5 Aircross Feel.....29.9 lakh                     (A) Citroën C5 Aircross Feel DT.....30.4 lakh               (A) Citroën C5 Aircross Shine/Shine DT.....31.9 lakh (A) This French SUV is only available in diesel engine no petrol is there. It gets 1997cc 4 inline cylinder turbocharge

Citroën C5 Aircross will stand out in the crowd or not......... | HighRPM

We all know that French automaker is coming to India and it will be on roads by this March probably. So this French brand Citroën is coming to India with their SUV, the Citroën C5 Aircross articles, news, social media and you tube nowadays all are talking about the C5 Aircross and the pictures and videos giving an idea about the looks, interior and engine. The car is looks very nice no doubt but the biggest question is will it succeed to make its place in the Indian market or it will be the lost gem in the mall?  The car looks very nice indeed, it have lots of thing which makes it attractive and attention seeking. The appearance is great, the boxiness and the cool  attitude on the face and the body language increases the chances of getting it what Citroën is expecting.  Talking about the interior it seems comfortable and spacious at the same time, some new things are also visible here and some disappointing thing is also coming out. The width of the car is very nice which makes it c