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Orange beast is now more agile than before, KTM 390 Duke | Price, Mileage, Features, Power | HighRPM

Duke 390 The 3rd generation of the KTM 390 Duke is literally shaking the market with its sharp design which is now more edgy than before, making this bike more attractive and mean-looking at the same time. Regarding performance, the KTM 390 Duke always shocked the ride with its flying ability and instant power delivery. This 2024 KTM 390 Duke has reduced some orange and weight too, thanks to that, along with the sporty design it is looking pretty elegant as well. More Sharp edges have been introduced this time and they are doing their job to give it a monster kinda feel.  Being a naked street fighter it's very agile like before and even more so thanks to the reduced wheelbase which added more maneuverability to this aggressive bike.  KTM 390 Duke Price The KTM 390 Duke is available only in a single variant, costing you around 3.10 lakh ex-showroom. There are two colour schemes that you can opt for Atlantic Blue and the other one is Electronic Orange. the Electronic Orange fuel tan

AMG and convertible is a lethal combination of fun | Price, Engine, Power, Features | HighRPM

 Say whatever you want to that soft top convertibles are not practical, are not safe, are not good in terms of refinement and etc.... etc.... But you can't deny a fact that convertibles are one of the most cool and fun to drive vehicles out there. With unlimited head room and sweet wind on your hair is more than enough to claim you and relax you down.  Mercedes is giving back with that fun to its lovers with their new AMG E53 4-Matic and being an AMG the convertible thing do its work and AMG helps you to experience adrenaline rush. This blend of cabriolet and AMG is just fantastic and moving with swag is another fun. The car is as beautiful as other Mercedes out there, design language is very impressive slightly on the sportier side and more on the sexy side and with roof down it looks even more sexy. The curves and the bold lines on the exterior defining style more clearly and making it a picture perfect car.  Being a Benz it have to be expensive and on top of that it is AMG which

Most innocent AMG in the family has been launched in India, the all new Mercedes-Benz AMG A 45S 4-Matic+ | Price, Power Mileage, Features | HighRPM

  G ood news for hatchback lovers a new beast from Benz garage is out on the streets who is making people fall in love for its looks, power and madness. This baby AMG is might a bit innocent AMG as compare to other but don't dare to underestimate its potential, with its 4-cylinder 2.0L engine the all new Mercedes-Benz AMG A 45S 4-Matic+ has been launched in India. After so many SUVs and sedans in the industry right now a sporty hatch is a new wave of happiness.  Being a hatch it have some serious party trick and don't forget that along with a hatch its an AMG too which means full of fun and exciting trips on road as well as on track. This AMG is looking fabulous not big as SUV but more sharper and sportier than that even the interior of the car is full of sporty vibes and it got practicality as well.  The sportiness of the car is coming out from every angle of this machine, see this little boy from any side it will amaze you for sure.  This new Benz comes with an aggressive min

Luxury is on the another level, elegance kicks in elegantly, Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS launched in India | Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 The new definition of luxury now is in the market, the new heights of amenities have been spotted and new Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS now is in Indian atmosphere. Maybach, something which explain opulence in its own way. Elegant, saphosticated, authentic yet super attractive appearance, everything feel so claim the richness of Benz is flavouring it excellently.  The price tag of this luxurious car is huge alike the car, 2.43 crore , comes in only one variant,  Mercedes Benz Maybach GLS 600 4Matic.....2.43 crore       (A) This four wheeler luxurious hotel get its power from 3982cc V8 DOHC 4.0L M177 twin turbo V8 engine and it's a hybrid car therefore it also comes with 48V of battery, BS6 emission norm is there and All Wheel Drive make it more adorable and 9 speed automatic Torque Converter offers you buttery shifts.  This powerful engine produces 550 bhp of power at 6000rpm and torque of 730Nm at just 2500rpm. Now, these figures are telling that this sumptuous Benz is not just abo

The mad side of GLA, the Mercedes Benz AMG GLA35 4 MATIC | Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 The real bad boy stepped in the market along with innocent brothers, this boy is know for its mad behavior, surprising punches and its bellicose nature. Just name of this beast is equal to 15 lines of intro, the AMG, yes this smallest Benz SUV the GLA also include the fast side of Mercedes, the all new Mercedes Benz AMG GLA35 4 Matic. So, actually this GLA is available in four variants and the last, the most expensive one is this the Mercedes Benz AMG GLA35 4 Matic.  This comes with petrol engine which fill the car with mind blowing power and behaviour. AMG is that side of Benz which has a focus more toward speed & performance and bit toward luxury.  The price of this aggressive Benz is 57.3 lakh comes with 1991cc 4 inline cylinder DOHC 2.0 M260 turbocharged I4 petrol engine which produces mind numbing figures 302bhp at 5800rpm and 400Nm at 2000rpm of power and  torque respectively. 8 speed DC transmission, AWD, paddle shifters with sport mode and BS6 emission. The car almost

The new Mercedes GLA is looking more exciting than before, starting price is 42.1 lakh | Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 Mercedes Benz launched their smallest SUV in the market, the Mercedes Benz GLA. The new GLA got some cosmetic changes which are giving stunning appeal to the SUV. GLA comes with great appearance thus the car have builds it own attitude which reflect it appropriately. This Benz is serving you luxury in a compact way. The car is full of features and power thus it will stand on public expectations. This Mercedes is bit small than other GL in the family but being a compact luxury SUV it offers you great features and safety. The GLA is available in two engine option 1.3L petrol and 2.0L diesel.   This Benz came to the market with starting price of 42.1 lakh and ends at 46.7 lakh . The car is available in three variants , two engine options and in petrol & diesel both. Petrol Mercedes Benz GLA 200.....42.1 lakh                    (A) Diesel Mercedes Benz GLA 220 d.....43.7 lakh                 (A) Mercedes Benz GLA 220d 4-Matic.....46.7 lakh    (A) The new GLA comes with two engine o

Entry level Benz launched in India, the A Class Limousine | Engine, Power, Features, Mileage |HighRPM

 Benz launched the all new creation which work as an entry level vehicle for the brand. With Mercedes luxury, Mercedes craziness and with Mercedes saphosticated fabulous way of designing A Class Limousine hit Indian roads. Mercedes Benz A Class Limousine launched with all the possible luxury & amenities in this price tag. This Limousine is available in three variants, the the third and most expensive variant is Mercedes Benz AMG A35 in short the mad beast with another level of madness.  Now the price of the all new Mercedes Benz A Class is 39.9 lakh this tag is for base amd top model cost 56.4 lakh . The car is launched in three variants   Petrol Mercedes Benz A Class Limousine A 200....39.9 lakh                                                                              (A) Mercedes Benz AMG A35 4 Matic.....56.4 lakh     (A) Diesel Mercedes Benz A Class Limousine A 200d.....40.9 lakh                                                                             (A) This new Ben

Facelift E Class is longer, more wheelbase and increased amenities than before | Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 E Class, the car with astounding comfort and luxury and power, of course. The supremacy of E Class luxury is something unreal but the new 2021 E Class is more spacious than its predecessor. The main highlight of new E is increased wheelbase and length, basically its a long wheelbase version, whatever now it has more room and greater area than before. Being a beautiful sedan it have some attitude, positive attitude which literally increase the appearance. With insane road presence, you get another level of satisfaction.  The new Mercedes Benz E Class it is available in both petrol and diesel, in addition powerful 6 cylinder engine is there in the variant list.  Mercedes Benz E Class Price and Variants The new 2021 E Class starting price is 63.6 lakh and the top end cost 80.9 lakh .  The new Mercedes Benz E Class is available in both diesel and petrol engine with torque converter. Variants Petrol Mercedes Benz E Class 200 Expression......63.6 lakh                                     

Luxurious electric SUV expensive but phenomenal | Battery, Power, Range, Features | HighRPM

 Entire world is moving towards electric automobile environment and some nations are doing well as well on the other hand India is also entering in the electric world but it will take time definitely. Many car brands are launching their electric technologies and the great luxury brand Mercedes also launched EQC.  Mercedes Benz EQC the luxury electric SUV which gives you incredible luxurious treatment and mind blowing range in single full charge. EQC is the SUV with lots of features, great comfort, with smoothness of electric car and quite journey. The greatness of Benz and that phenomenal behavior is just stunning. The EQC is available in only one variant with automatic transmission powerful battery, great thrust and mind blowing range. Mercedes Benz EQC Price and Variants Being a Mercedes the price of the cars lick sky, same case EQC have, it cost 1.04 crore.  Variants Electric Mercedes Benz EQC 400 4 Matic.....1.04 crore   (A) EQC Battery, Power and Performance Its an electric car wi