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New Ducati Scrambler 800 Urban Motorrad cost 12 lakh but | Price, Performance, Mileage, Power | HighRPM

  Ducati Scrambler 800 Urban Motorrad.... Bikes are one of the best mode to explore the streets, you get the real essence of that particular place, and for this we have some awesome machines out there however Ducati added one more option to this adventure, the all new Ducati Scrambler 800 Urban Motorrad . Agility you need on streets and the agility a Scrambler have is like a couple with same level of craziness. Scrambler is that kind of motorcycle which is meant for off road as well as streets and I think this is the best thing about Scrambler, their versatility is the key point I believe. Coming back to the Ducati this Scrambler got what you want from this pricey dude, it is clearly ready for completing all the expectations you have and it is eager to explore.   Tell me about Ducati Scrambler 800 Urban Motorrad price.... Its a Ducati man it have to a pocket murderer and it is, okay, so this one is available only in single variant which is having a price tag that screams 11.99 lakh ex

Fireblade, the name is enough for the whole intro | Price, Engine, Features, Mileage | HighRPM

The wings are not the most important ingredient for flying, heart is and you'll realize this thing when you  sit on the Honda CBR1000RR-R Fireblade and after that you will agree with me. This Honda is looking that sharp that it is talking about its potential even in ideal and kinda warns you to be soft with this machine because the bike is very short tempered go hard on the throttle and this thing flies like nothing else.  CBR 1000RR-R Fireblade is all about going fast, you can handle this only when you have biking enthusiast heart that pumps only bike. To control the extremes the bike is full of electronics that take cares of all that insane power which is eager to pop out in no time. But you can experience all that power if you really ready for the insanity.  With this much power and sexy curves this bike also comes with mind numbing price , the bike available is two variants where the standard variant will cost you just 23.72 lakh and the top end model, the SP cost you 24.23 la