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New KTM RC 390 can touch 170km/h, priced at 3.12 lakh | Price, Features, Power, Mileage | HighRPM

 KTM, the brand known for its youthfulness and agility that gives you goosebumps whenever you are going harsh on the throttle. KTM has set its feet in the market pretty tightly because of its stylish design and furiousness. KTM RC 390 is that product of KTM that make things more spicy and hot. With some freshness this RC 390 came back to the market carrying new thrill in its pocket.  Changed personality but same mindset, changed attitude but same ability and changed look but same madness makes this bike more adorable & loving.  373cc single cylinder engine kicking out crazy figures of power & torque which helps you to be a rocket on road with new safety elements.  KTM launched the new RC 390 only in single variant with the the price tag of 3.12 lakh , ex showroom , which puts this machine on expensive slab of market. KTM RC 390.....3.12 lakh  The bike comes with 373cc single cylinder DOHC engine , with 89mm of bore & 60mm of stroke and along with 12.6:1 of compression rat

What if Ninja 1000 share its engine with an adv? Kawasaki Versys 1000 comes out as a result | Price, Power, Mileage, Features |HighRPM

 We all know that Kawasaki is famous for its speed, performance and reliability. This Japanese manufacture have given insane monsters to the world like the H2R, H2, Z H2, ZX-10R and many more but it doesn't mean that they are avoiding adventure and touring junkies, they have some wow babies which are born ready for adventure and for unplanned long journeys and one of these baby, addressing it as baby is quite wrong because it is a mature machine known for its muscular body, fantastic ability and heart relaxing power, the Kawasaki Versys 1000.

Versys 1000 is the elder most member of Kawasaki's Versys fam, which is bit more powerful, have more electronics and more capable than other Versys. Its huge body works as a magnet which attracts people and confidence of rider to go beyond road.

Bike is loaded with features that are just for enhancing the ride experience and safety functions to keep your ride safe as much as possible. 

Versys 1000 cost around 11.72 lakh ex-showroom, it is available in one variant with only one paint which is not great at least they should give 2 colours. 

  • Kawasaki Versys 1000.....11.72 lakh 

This beast generate power from big heart as its body, 1043cc inline 4 cylinder liquid cooled DOHC engine with 77mm of bore & 56mm of stroke 10.3:1 is the compression ratio. 6 speed manual transmission, FI and BS6 emission compliant. 

118.2bhp of power at 9000rpm and 102Nm of torque at 7500rpm  make this motorcycle more delicious and spicy. 

This engine is also fitted in Ninja 1000 but Ninja produce more power than this one. 

It offer bunch of features which are making this one of the best adventure tourer.

  • Dual channel ABS 
  • Traction control 
  • Kawasaki Cornering Management System 
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Charging port 
  • Slipper clutch 
  • Adjustable wind screen 
  • Adjustable clutch & brake lever 
  • Navigation 
  • Hazard lights 
  • Analogue digital instrument cluster 
  • Digital speedometer 
  • Analogue tachometer 
  • Fuel gauge 
  • Low fuel 
  • Low oil warning 
  • Gear change indicator 
  • Gear position indicator 
  • Clock 
  • Temperature 
  • Side stand alert
  • Range 
  • Average 
  • Distance to empty 
  • Two tripmeters 
  • Digital tripmeters
  • Digital odometer 

Mileage is not available of this bike right now but it get huge fuel tank which can drink around 21 litres of petrol. 

It comes with dual channel ABS, of course, get dual disc rotors of 310mm at front which is controlling 120/70 ZR17 tyre. At the back single disc brake with disc of 250mm with 180/55 ZR17 tyre. 

Features all LED light setup across the bike, 

  • Headlight- LED 
  • Tail light- LED
  • Blinkers- LED 
  • DRL- LED 

Measurement of this Kawasaki are as

Length- 2.270m
Width- 895mm
Height- 1.4m
Wheelbase- 1.520m
Ground clearance- 150mm
Seat height- 840mm
Weight- 255kg 


Proper adv vibes are wrapping the bike nicely and these vibes are so strong that it envolve you in its amazing fearless attitude. 


High held face showing that the bike is full of self esteem that makes other lose their. Eyes of this bike is full of LED and the design is similar to other Kawasaki motorcycles. Sharp looking lights are adding an striking appeal to the bike. Blinkers are coming out from the side fairing, small manually adjustable visor is ready for wind blasts. The under of eye of this bike is very sharp as we have seen in some other Kawasakis like Ninja 650, ZX-10R and other. 120 section tyre is leading the adventurous journey of yours on this Versys. 


Massive body of Versys comes out amazingly from side angle. The big engine is perfectly fixed in the bike, engine is exposed and won't have that big fairing as well. Being a adventure two wheeler its seat height is higher than usual which is not for short riders (840mm) and the ground clearance is also allowing rider to take this anywhere (150mm). 

It get step up two piece seat which is looking very comfortable for both pillion and rider. Big fuel tank giving more aggressive look to the bike. The front side of the bike, headlight section which is looking very sharp and more attractive from side. 


A chunky grab rail is attached to the tail of the bike with easy top box attachment, grab rail is more for fixing you side boxes and top box to carry your luggage. 

Tail light is also LED looking great accompanied by blinkers. 180 section tyre is looking amazing won't have any tyre hugger but gotta mud guard. 

Instrument cluster 

The cluster is similar to the system we have seen in H2 and H2R, big round analogue tachometer on the left side merged with small rectangular digital display where you can track bunch of things like speed, time, gear, odo, trip, range, fuel, and other important things. You can connect your phone as well which help you to track many thing about the bike in your phone. Alert lights are placed around the tachometer. 

The bike is wonderful in many aspects, the power, performance, features, safety and looks everything is amazing. However, the cluster is kinda old fashioned to me and even the new screen Kawasaki is giving in Ninja and Z series is not that great, although it have bunch of info but as we can see the rivals like BMW, Ducati and other are giving some cool clusters. 

This is Kawasaki Versys 1000......

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Image source- Official Kawasaki India website

Always wear helmet while riding


seat belt while driving.



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