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Orange beast is now more agile than before, KTM 390 Duke | Price, Mileage, Features, Power | HighRPM

Duke 390 The 3rd generation of the KTM 390 Duke is literally shaking the market with its sharp design which is now more edgy than before, making this bike more attractive and mean-looking at the same time. Regarding performance, the KTM 390 Duke always shocked the ride with its flying ability and instant power delivery. This 2024 KTM 390 Duke has reduced some orange and weight too, thanks to that, along with the sporty design it is looking pretty elegant as well. More Sharp edges have been introduced this time and they are doing their job to give it a monster kinda feel.  Being a naked street fighter it's very agile like before and even more so thanks to the reduced wheelbase which added more maneuverability to this aggressive bike.  KTM 390 Duke Price The KTM 390 Duke is available only in a single variant, costing you around 3.10 lakh ex-showroom. There are two colour schemes that you can opt for Atlantic Blue and the other one is Electronic Orange. the Electronic Orange fuel tan

4.63 crore for more sportiness, luxury and for Aston Martin DBX 7O7 | Price, Features, Mileage, Power | HighRPM

 Changes the way you move, changes the mindset you have for long routes, enhances the feel of exploration, changes the wind you are fed off, emphasizes your life, prioritize your priorities, clear your path toward calmness and adds up a new spark to your life so seamlessly that, you start living your new life without noticing, the Aston Martin is there for you to change your boring with its new masterpiece in the market, the Aston Martin DBX 7O7
A new SUV which says anything but have a lot to tell, and instead of telling you the stories and creating things in front of you this DBX 7O7 shows you the promise it made at very beginning of you relationship with this Aston. The DBX 7O7 is about driving pleasure, luxury, detailing, amenities and richness of Aston's history. 

DBX 7O7 chat with roads in a very different manner thus it portrait a very beautiful, sporty and relaxing journey. This DBX 7O7 is to step ahead from the normal DBX, this one has few design changes and other than that this one is bit more powerful and adventurous. Weather it is performance, appearance, interior, sportiness, amenities and features this car have everything you name it and this car will pop that thing out in front of you. 

From showing its presence to give you the feel of king, this machine is going to serve you all you want and expect from this price point with overwhelming presentation and with finger licking flavours. The sportiness follow to the interior as well where things are luxurious but in a sporty way. Few you just wanna feel the amenitites without some crazy pulls this is car is not that good in this but it tries its level best to give hold its fast going mind. 

Now here comes the best part, the car has been launched in India with its all madness and elegance, the DBX 7O7 is waiting for you at he showroom but the only problem over here is that the price of the car is quite (QUITE) high, other than this there is no problem. 
The another best part is that the competition is also warming up their engine, shhhh...... Urus is still in the market with wide open eyes. 

Now the important part of this blog post, the price of this car. Therefore, the car has been launched in India at, hold your breadth, 4.63 crore which is slightly expensive than the regular DBX just 48 lakh more than regular. This is the ex-showroom price where if this seems low to you then Aston is offering bunch of accessories as well you can go for that too. 
The car is available only in single variant with petrol engine whose diet is not normal it only swallow premium fuel. 
  • Aston Martin DBX 7O7.....4.63 crore     (A)

The main highlight of this car is its heart, the engine, so before telling you about the engine of this car lemme tell you that the engine which is powering the car is from Mercedes house, even the thing is that Aston is one of the customer of Benz and in return Mercedes got stakes in Martin. 
Under the hood you will spot the Mercedes Benz AMG all alloy quad overhead cam 4.0L (3982cc) twin turbo V8 petrol engine, it's a front mid-mounted engine with firewall for better weight distribution. It comes with the compression ratio of 8.6:1 where the bore is of 83mm & stroke of 92mm with direct injection tech. 9-speed automatic transmission is there to provide you lighting fast shifts. 
This fab engine give you some jaw dropping power and torque figures thus this car flies when you go hard/soft on throttle.
It gives you 697bhp of power that kicks in at 6000rpm and the name 7O7 comes from the power figure 7O7ps.
Meanwhile breadth taking 900Nm of torque comes at 4500rpm.
Because of this car can touch 0-100km/h in just 3.3 seconds this is freaking fast and the top speed of this beast is 310km/h.  

In terms of features, the DBX 7O7 is having all you can imagine in a car. 
  • 6 Airbags 
  • ABS
  • EBD
  • ESP
  • Traction control 
  • Brake assist
  • Front collision warning 
  • Rear traffic detection 
  • Adaptive cruise control 
  • Lane keep assist 
  • Lane departure warning 
  • Automatic emergency braking 
  • Blind spot monitor 
  • Cylinder deactivation technology 
  • Ride height adjust 
  • Differential lock 
  • Adaptive damping 
  • Dynamic torque vectoring (distributes the torque evenly to the rear wheels)
  • Hill start assist 
  • Roll-over stability control
  • Hill hold assist 
  • Hill descent control 
  • Impact sensing door lock 
  • Auto parking 
  • 360 camera view 
  • 3 point seat belts 
  • Pretensioner and force limiter seat belts 
  • Child safety lock 
  • Child seat mount
  • Speed sensing door lock 
  • Follow me home headlamps 
  • Auto high beam 
  • Rain sensing wiper
  • 3 zone automatic climate control AC 
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system 
  • Ventilated seats (front & rear)
  • Lumbar support adjustment 
  • Electric seat adjust 
  • Memory seat function 
  • Cornering headlight 
  • Digital RVM
  • Cool glove box 
  • Voice control 
  • Lane change indicator 
  • Electronic shift-by-wire control system
  • Limited slip differential 
  • Apple car play 

Mileage, in think this word is not meant for these kinda of cars because their customers are not those who are going to think about petrol prices. And the thing is that these car are not meant for mileage because these cars are ridiculous in terms of mileage, taking about this SUV it will give you 6.9 kmpl and if your driving it bit aggressively than it will drink petrol like a person who is suffering from acne. 
It got a fat belly which accommodate 85 litres of premium fuel. 

Talking about the brake this Martin features carbon ceramic brakes and ventilated disc brakes at both ends. 
When it comes to tyres it got Pirelli P-Zero summer tyres where the front tyre is slightly smaller than the rear two, at front it have 285/40 YR22 and at rear it have 325/35 YR22. In options Aston have 23 inchers as well. 
Air suspensions are there to make things more smooth and flawless. at front you have independent double wishbone split link with hydrobushing and integrated hub bearings and at the back extruded and hollow form cast multi link suspension. 

Beautiful lights are there inside-out, with adaptive high beam system. 
Headlamps- LED
Tail lamps- LED 
Fog lamps- Both front and rear LED 
Ambient light- Available, 64 colour options

Dimensions and weight 
Length- 5,039mm 
Width- 1,998mm
Height- 1,680mm
Wheelbase- 3,060mm
Ground clearance- 190mm-235mm 
Kerb weight- 2,245kg 

Undoubtedly this SUV is one of the sexiest SUV out there with an astounding attitude soaked in aggression and garnished with elegance. This car is delight and looks phenomenal from every angle, the sporty definitions and details which are adding an amazing appearance to the car.
On face you can see the aggression you can see the sportiness that is in the veins are well. The main highlight of the face is that massive grille which is quite bigger than the regular DBX, the bigger grille helps you gulps up more air and direct it to the engine. Sharp bumper is adding more intense look to the car thus it appears more zesty and mad. Front is also full of sensors and all to give freedom to ADAS to work greatly. DRLs are on the side air vents which are delivering air to the tyre and also maintaining the aerodynamics of the vehicle. 
Get beautiful headlamps which are powerful enough to give you clear view at night and the light are loaded with high beam assist, all leveler and cornering function. Gorgeous Aston Martin logo is lying between the lamps. Hood gets few sharp lines and two air intake to cool the heart of this sensational monster. Rain sensing wipers are work in a different way, different than usual.

Side scene 
The first thing that pulls your concentration in its size it is a humongous, thus it have insane road presence. The shoulder lines are flowing with the legacy of Aston Martin and the way shoulder lines are merging with the spoiler is just majestic. Sporty lines are running all over the side that enhances the sporty statement of the car. Black cladding is there but not over the wheel arc. Tesla style door handles are welcoming you although these handles are not too welcomes but looks fab, window area is large enough to bring up lots of air in the cabin, rear windows are tinted. 
The tail light is so stretched that they are peeking to the sides of the car and this play is looking absolutely amazing, There is a sharp hump on the boot gate which kinda looks like a spoiler but it is not, so this humps giving a great touch to the side profile of the car. Wheels are looking super sexy and sporty the alloy design going with personality of the car. Car comes with standard 22 inchers but there is option for 23 too. Ground clearance is adjustable so don't worry about that. 

Rear end
unlike whole exterior of the car this is the most interesting part of the DBX 7O7, seriously speaking, this car is the owner of one of the best ass in automobile industry in SUV segment. That diffuser is taking steeling the whole show, this diffuser is kinda oozing out that is creating a mind blowing illusion. Other than that it got quad exhaust outlets that are singing like heaven for all the car enthusiasts. Tail lights design is slick and having split setup that makes the rear more attractive. This car won't have rear windscreen wiper and washer, Aston Martin says that the the design of spoiler is clever enough to clean the rear windshield, the air that comes to the rear flows to the spoiler and cleans the screen, it is great for rain but what when this SUV meet its real habitat, offroad how mud will get cleaned from the rear screen, this is pretty weird but this is it what it is.
Full glass roof is there but it is fixed which means you can't pop your head out from this car, kinda said but safe at the same time. 

It got frameless door with soft close door function, seriously speaking I love frameless door more than any other type of door out there From inside the carbon fibre treatment on the doors is just amazing.
Being a sporty SUV it won't run without its luxury after all it an Aston Martin, but the it is always great get a perfect blend of sportiness & luxury, and the interior of DBX 7O7 is rich with this blend. The cabin amazing and luxurious as well and to respect the engine the aroma of madness is quite intense. The best material you can think in a car is present in this SUV, the way the have fitted all the stuffs together with an elegance and style is something else and the feel in the cabin is not less than a heaven. 

Rear seats
‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌Although the engine and the kind of performance this car have won't have rear seat that place where you want to be but if somehow you have kill you car enthusiast and sit at rear you won't regret because this place is full of luxury and quality. All the elements are put together so greatly that they all complement each other. 
At rear firstly the thing you are going to notice is that the material they have used is top notch and you in terms of design and colour of seats Martin have bunch of option that suits you desire and give you exactly you have in your mind. Rear seats come with three adjustable headrests, rear center arm rest with two cup holders, the car have 3 zone automatic climate control AC which is not enough at this price point. AC vents are on B-pillar and in front of middle seat, usual place. There are some features which missing like at rear it won't have sun blinds not even manual, other than this it also misses out ventilation, massage and recline functions. 
In terms of space the cabin in very spacious and plenty of space for three people but the person at the center might feel bit uncomfortable because of the transmission tunnel that gifts the cabin with a hump. 

Front seats 
The sportiness is carried to the front seats, here you get sport seats which have won't have adjustable headrest but have great side bolstering that hugs you tightly while you are doing some crazy speeds. Front seats comes with electronic seat adjust feature and memory function as well. Arm rest is there with sliding thing and the best part the sliding feature work individually for both the people at front. Massage function is missing here too which kinda weird and surprising as well when you see such cost cutting with this price tag. 

Dash is matching the sportiness of the car. All the elements of the dash is well put together with supreme quality. Talking about the material, whole cabin including dash is soaked in top notch leather, and the stitching is also showing the art.
Starting from the center, on the top it gets the start/stop button in the middle and beside this it have drive mode select buttons, the placement of these buttons are kinda unusual. Below this setup it get the infotainment display which is filled with tons of features but unfortunately this system is not a touchscreen, below this it have AC vents and controls which are touch sensitive. Coming to the center console, you'll find a rotatory knob to select different driving modes, nearby by this you will find bunch of button, including suspension button, traction control, hazard light button, parking button, and Mercedes style infotainment system controller with rotatory knob and the center console is finished in carbon fiber which increases the beauty of the interior. Then you have cup holders and some space to keep your stuffs. 

Steering and instrument cluster
It comes with fully leather wrapped three spoke steering wheel with paddle shifters, instrument cluster control buttons, cruise control buttons, volume controls, phone call controls and wiper control, along with all these things, the steering wheel is adjustable for both height & reach electronically. 
Talking about the instrument cluster, it get fully digital display which is full of features and info. On the right side of the cluster it have speedometer on the left side of the cluster it have tachometer. The cluster changes the colour and interface with respect to the drive, this thing got 5 driving modes out of which 4 are for on road and the rest 1 is for offroad condition. 

At the end 
The cars is amazing from every angle from every corner, talk about looks, talk about interior, talk about style, talk about features, talk about performance this car have all those thing that you can imagine. The quality and presentation of whole car is just out of this world. 

Always wear helmet while riding
seat belt while driving.


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