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177cc Kawasaki is out in the market now with its retro styling and vintage tech as well. | Price, Engine, Features, Mileage | HighRPM

 There was a time when Kawasaki had small hearts as well and those hearts were pretty affordable too but being a premium motorcycle manufacturer they discontinued them. After so many years they are back with their new fully India made bike with small heart and affordable in terms of Kawasaki otherwise they this machine is too on the expensive court. Therefore they have launched the all new Kawasaki W175, we all know that Kawasaki's W means modern retro styling and great aura. However, it feels so weird to say that this Kawasaki is powered by just 177cc where we are used to heard some big engines powering the bike and giving them jaw dropping power but in this case the power is not showing the Kawasaki behaviour which is too uncomfortable. Coming back to this newly launched bike, it have that typical Kawasaki W design which is looks timeless always but my eyes are used to see bulky Kawasaki that this bike taking more than usual to fit in my eyes, I couldn't help myself.  Back to

Innocent look, sportier nature of new 2021 Mini Cooper JCW | Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 Loves to be naughty at sharp twisties, share a friendly relation with speed lovers and easy to control its small body with powerful soul. World know its by its cute looks and drivibility, none other than Mini. Mini's new 2021 Mini Cooper JCW is in the market with great looks and powerful heart.

The car comes only in one engine option and one variant with automatic transmission and 1998cc engine gives fantastic punch to the vehicle.

The price of this spicy package is 45.5 lakh, only one variant is there with petrol engine and
automatic transmission.

  • Mini Cooper JCW.....45.5 lakh       (A)

It has a 1998cc 4 inline cylinder SOHC twin turbo 2.0 petrol heart and this is able to serve you some mind blowing figures of power and torque, 228bhp and 320Nm at 1450rpm respectively. Its a FWD car with 8 speed automatic transmission and sport mode. Turbocharged and BS6 emission compliant. 

It have a pretty big feature list including,
  • 2 airbags
  • ABS
  • EBD
  • ESP
  • Brake assist 
  • Traction control 
  • Hill hold control
  • Seat belt warning
  • Three point seat belts
  • Child seat mount
  • Child safety lock 
  • Speed sensing door lock 
  • Rain sensing wipers 
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
  • Engine immobilizer 
  • Center locking 
  • Android auto connect
  • Apple car play 
  • Cruise control
  • Automatic climate control AC
  • Parking camera
  • Parking sensors (F&R)
  • One touch window up/down (All)
  • Heads up display 

In the official site of Mini India, they have written 15.18l/100km of fuel consumption which means 6.59 kmpl and the fuel tank size is 44 L, after seeing this figure I can only say one thing that this car is not the fuel efficient at all. 

To handle this much power and calm down this Mini it have all disc brakes for powerful braking performance. It runs on 195/55 R17 wheels same tyre at front as well as at rear, although I feel this Mini deserves bigger and wider wheels. 

Beautiful lights are there for making you night drives more interesting and problem free.
Head lamps- LED 
Tail lamps- LED 
Ambient light- Available

Measure this Mini 
Length- 3.850m
Width- 1.727m
Height- 1.414m
Wheelbase- 2.495m

Mini is one of the carmaker which blends the sporty and cute looks amazingly and how they do that only Mini and BMW know that, we'll not go there. 
Front face 
Features signature oval headlamps which are looking absolutely scintillating with LED inside and they are adaptive which makes it advance and fabulous. The oval DRLs are giving amazing taste to the face and DRLs are also working as indicators. The black grille is just creating an astonishing effect which enhances the sporty expression. Get sharp sportier bumper too, there is a fine horizontal straight line on the grille painted with roof colour and hey..... this is Mini you get plenty of colour options with dual tone thing. 

Side profile 
Its not the lengthy car even it is very small with respect to its price mainly the size of the car of this price tag is pretty big but again.....hey....this is Mini something different something wow. Its a three door hatchback, you get two beautiful frameless doors and frameless doors increases coolness of the vehicle to another level. Alloy design is looking perfect for the car and you also get options of alloys however the wheels are small it should get 18 or might be 19 inch and the width is also not going with the personality. The painted brake caliper are making it more sportier. The fuel tank cap is finished in chrome. 

Back side 
Keeping all the stuffs aside one thing which Mini do with tail lamps in something amazing, the flag of its birth place gives a very interesting punch to the rear of the car. Things are going in a very interesting and exciting way, it comes with dual exhaust setup at center which appears great. It get rear wiper with washer and defogger and what not. The roof mounted spoiler popping out from the roof and enhancing the appearance of the car. It won't get sharp fin antenna which kind of weird but that's not a big thing along with this it get a big sunroof. 

The sportiness is not just restricted to exterior the inside atmosphere is so enthusiastic that it pushes you to be harsh with the engine of the machine. The fit finish is reflecting the price tag. 
Rear seats, first thing, we all know that the 2 door cars mostly don't have rear seat space and same thing is going over here. At rear the space is not for adult at all but ya you can shift children there. Rear features all the basic things like cup holders and small bump on the seat which you can say arm rest and head rests are there as well. 

Front seats, here you get all features but electric seat adjust is still isn't available, get adjustable under thigh support. Seats are looking great with great level of finishing. 

Dashboard, Mini is one of the best dash designer, with their engrossing dash they are successful to capture many hearts just because of their dashboard. The main highlight is that circular style infotainment system, the system is not circular the housing is, system is filled with features and beautiful graphics. Other than that the old school but highly attractive and fascinating buttons for start/stop, auto stop and other are just multiplying the sportier feel. The ambient lights are absolutely phenomenal. 

The steering is adjustable for height and reach, the wheel get controls for cruise control and volume and other things. The biggest change in the cabin is its instrument cluster, now it is blessed with all new 5 inch fully digital colourful cluster which is more informative and adventurous to use. There is a heads up display which helps to keep your focus fully on the road. 

At the end, Mini JCW is not a car for those who are seeking for practical and luxury, this car is all about having fun on the roads, the driving pleasure it offers is something crazy, it short this is for enthusiastic people who love to drive keeping mileage and other things aside. 
So, this is the all new 2021 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works.........

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Always wear helmet while riding
seat belt while driving.


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