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When two wheelers start competing with 4 wheelers luxury, result comes out as BMW K 1600 | Price, Luxury, Features, Power | HighRPM

Motorcycles are full of emotions, if you don't believe me then ask the same to an enthusiast, he or she will tell you what bikes actually are. Long bike trips have another kind of freedom; it could be the best way to relax and calm you in today's stressful life. BMW is the brand whose two-wheeler history is just splendid and its present need no intro. BMW has many babies for different people of different tastes and if you are seeking extreme comfort on 2 wheels then BMW K 1600 is that babe that will satisfy you in every possible way. In simple words if I have to introduce the K 1600 I would say that it is, the Rolls Royce of the motorcycle world. This BMW looks mesmerizing thanks to its colossal size and attractive design making it a brutal head-turner.  This luxurious machine has style, design, and road presence as well but on top of all these things it got a freaking inline 6-cylinder engine that gives you mind-blowing power and torque at every moment, it also gives you exce

484 km in full charge by this luxury electric SUV, Audi e-tron | Price, Power, Mileage, Features | HighRPM

 Finally Audi landed their famous electric SUV on Indian soil. This SUV is telling you that this is the future of automobile, stylish, powerful and safe for nature. The Audi e-tron an absolute gorgeous and intelligent machine is now in Indian market, the car is looking awful from every sight. That stylish aura is filling the air with its greatness, its aroma envelope you in itself and present its  electrifying soul in front of you. 

Being a luxury SUV it is not compromising with luxury at all the cabin of the e-tron is very well finished alike Audi. The amenities are there with richness of Audi. The cabin is over filled with tech which are there for you to make your journey more exciting and more comfortable. 

Beneath the floor it have a lithium ion battery which power up the whole vehicle and also level up the zest. 

The price of this luxury electric SUV starts at 99.99 lakh and it goes up to 1.16 crore, e-tron is available in two variants,

  • Audi e-tron 50 Quattro.....99.99 lakh
  • Audi e-tron 55 Quattro.....1.16 crore

So, the two variants of e-tron have different battery capacity and power, the e-tron 50 comes with 71kWh lithium ion battery whose output is 308bhp of power and 540Nm of torque with this heart shaking type of output, it can touch 190km/h of top speed.

Meanwhile, the e-tron 55 comes with 95kWh lithium ion battery which is able to give you 402bhp of power and 664Nm of torque and it can reach up to 200 km/h and in just 5.7 sec this sporty electric SUV can touch 100 km/h from 0. 

The battery is placed beneath the floor and it also have that regenerative feature and simple words while applying brakes that energy get stored in battery. 

The car is loaded with features and the best thing is that e-tron have scored 5 stars in Global NCAP. 

  • 8 airbags 
  • ABS
  • EBD
  • ESP
  • Traction control 
  • Brake assist 
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System 
  • Seat belt warning 
  • Three point seat belts 
  • Pretensioner and force limiter seat belts 
  • Child safety lock 
  • Child seat mount 
  • Speed Sensing door lock 
  • Crash sensor 
  • Two zone automatic climate control AC 
  • Voice control 
  • 360 camera view 
  • Wireless charging 
  • Cruise control 
  • Android auto connect
  • Apple car play 
  • Engine immobilizer 
  • Center locking 
  • Parking sensors (F&R)
  • 14 way electric seat adjust (Front only) 
  • Memory seat function 
  • Adaptive Air suspension 
  • Ride height adjust

Both the variant have great range along with great power, the 50 gives you range of 379 km and 55 gives you range of 484 km. The 50 take around 10 hours and 30 minutes from 7.4kWh charger on the other hand 55 take 13 hours and 30 minutes from 7.4kWh charger. 

It get ventilated disc brakes at front as well as at the back, it runs on 255/50 R20 alloy wheels and the alloy design is just awesome. 

We all know that Audi is a player in terms of light they can conduct a full light show only with their headlamps 
Headlamps- LED 
Tail lights- LED 
Ambient lights- Available 

The size of Audi e-tron is 
Length- 5.014m
Width- 1.976m 
Height- 1.686m
Wheelbase- 2.928m 

The aggression it have in its body language is amazingly amazing and this aggression is making a lethal combo with its sporty lines and mind. 

Very stylish and attractive front this car have, all the elements present at front literally complementing the whole personality of the e-tron. Unlike other electric vehicles, most don't have grille and in my personal opinion without grille the front looks kinda incomplete to me but here Audi have given a proper grille with too much of chrome on it. The shape of the grille is pretty similar to the grille we have seen in other Audi, however it enhances the appearance of the vehicle. 
The headlamps are slick and extremely powerful, it get Audi's Matrix LED lamps which is a show in itself. Headlamp washers are there which is a phenomenal thing nowadays headlamps washers are now vanishing from four wheelers. The bumper is also looking very sporty, it get kinda vents which are fake but they are aerodynamic efficient. 
For making it more striking aggressive lines are on the hood, under the hood you get a place to keep your charger. 

Side profile 
First thing which is the most eye catching thing is those fab alloy wheels the alloy design is very different and impressive. The way lines are flowing is just awesome, bold shoulder lines giving an incredible character to the car. Windows are very large surrounded by chrome. Another applause deserving thing is that it have charging point on the side and on the both side of the car, you have to just press a button beside that e-tron badging and charging point will be in front of you. It have air suspensions by which you can adjust the ground clearance of the car to some extent. 

Rear end
Design of the tail light is giving a super cool effect to the car along with the great design it also get dynamic swap indicators which are adding more style to it. Its diffuser is finished in sliver type of colour and there is no exhaust actually it won't need one, Ha.....Ha....Ha..... Electric. Rear windscreen wiper is there along with washer. Roof mounted spoiler is too making it more sporty looking SUV. 

Rear seats, the seats are looking very comfortable and amazing, you get three adjustable headrests, arm rest with cup holders & bit of space, rear AC vents are there with controls as well. The floor is flat which is a good thing for the center person. Child seat mount is there too, you get sun blindness which are manually controllable. 

Front seats, here you get more amenities like memory function, electric seat adjust. Seats have proper side bolstering which holds you nicely. 

super intersting dash e-tron have, the level of fit finish it have is just stunning. The sharpness of the dashboard is very nice indeed. So, at the center it have two touch screens the above one is an infotainment system which is filled with too many features, and the below one is for AC controls. One thing which is amazing about this car is its drive selector, it is pretty same like other Audi but the whole selector is not movable you just have to press a button coming out from the selector to select drive.
There is space to charge your phone wirelessly and for other stuffs, arm rest with bit of space and its a sliding arm rest. 

It get fully digital colourful instrument cluster which shows you bunch of things about the vehicle meanwhile being an electric car it won't show you tachometer instead of that it shows you power consumption in real time. 

Its a great looking car with sporty heart which gives it plenty of power and torque other than that interior is full of luxury and amenities. 
This is an Audi e-tron........

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Always wear helmet while riding
seat belt while driving.


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